Howe About That with Brian Howe

If Brian disagrees with you, it’s because he is right!

Brian gets a Private Eye

June 17th, 2019

Murder! Fraud! Lies!

Brian talks to David B Watts, a long time Private Investigator, who has worked a variety of cases all over the U.S.

David talks about cases he worked, tactics he used and answers lots of Brian's questions about the business of sleuthing.

- What common item, found in your garage, will get you easy access to almost ANY location without getting caught?

- How did David hideout while he was on surveillance?

- What murder case did David work on where he is pretty sure THE WRONG GUY GOT CONVICTED?

- What famous singer's family hired David to help keep them out of trouble?

- What should YOU do if you find yourself being questioned by the police?

Hear it from a veteran gumshoe on this episode of Howe About That with Brian Howe! 

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