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Brian does NOT go to the Moon with Bart Sibrel

April 23rd, 2019

How did we manage to take astronauts all the way to the moon safely with 1960s technology?  Bart Sibrel says, "WE DIDN'T!!"

Brian Howe and Bart Sibrel deal with a number of questions like, "How could NASA maintain a perfect 72 degree cabin environment for days in the extremes of space with glorified car batteries?" and "How could the astronauts survive being bombarded with radiation in the Van Allen radiation belt?"

They also ask, "Why would NASA destroy all of the designs for moon technology?  How is it possible that we had the technology to go to the moon 50 years ago, but we need to re-invent it for new moon missions today?"

Even if you are absolutely certain that the US went to the moon in the late 1960s, you should listen to this podcast.  Mr. Sibrel is an expert who presents some pretty challenging evidence that open-minded people should want to see.

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